21st Century Cosmetics

The unique benefit of our cosmetic line is the combination of Cannabidiol with other active ingredients, which we carefully select in cooperation with experts according to the latest scientific knowledge. We are the first in the world to achieve strong synergies due to the complementary effect of these substances. We bring innovative top quality cosmetics to the 21st century world market.

Why CBD Cosmetics?

100% cannabidiol, perfectly pure, crystalline and without any admixtures - this is the sign and basis of all our cosmetic products.

In the production of CBD cosmetics, we use unique technologies that allow us to combine cannabidiol with other active substances – such as hyaluronic acid, plant ceramides and stem cells, squalane, pure natural oils and vitamins. We start from studies that prove the beneficial effect of these active substances and also determine their effective amount when acting on human skin.

Research and development of CBN products

We produce first class pharmaceutical grade hemp products

We focus on research and development of new preparations, cannabis growing methods, production and distribution of cannabinoids and extracts. Our main goal is to bring products to the market in line with the evidence-based medicine concept.


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