About us

The story of CANNEFF

Our unique know-how lies in combining cannabinoids with other active ingredients that we choose in collaboration with experts based on the latest scientific knowledge. We are the first in the world to achieve strong synergies due to the complementary effect of these substances. We bring innovative cosmetics, topical products and medical devices of top quality to the world market of the 21st century under the brand CANNEFF.

CB21 Pharma was created by combining the experience and knowledge of developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics and know-how in the field of cannabinoid isolation.

The world-wide testing intensity of cannabinoid-containing drugs is growing, where our company is also engaged in international research intentions. Our activities are mainly focused on research and development of new preparations, methods of growing cannabis, production and distribution of cannabinoids and pharmaceutical-grade extracts.

Our mission

With the liberalization of the market, new cannabis products are being introduced, where the claimed composition and effect often do not correspond to reality. The current view of the use of cannabinoids in practice is often damaged by illegal distribution and improper use. Our goal is to apply cannabinoids according to their proven pharmacological effects, as well as to define contraindications and correct dosage.

Our aims

Our main goal is to bring products to the market in line with the evidence-based medicine concept.

Our team

Eva Sieglová
Patrick Kočica
Vladimír Hoffmann

Scientific Council

doc. MUDr, RNDr. Vilím Šimánek, DrSc
doc. MUDr. Regina Demlová, Ph.D.
prof. PharmDr. Petr Babula, Ph.D.
Prof. Ing. Jan Vacek, Ph.D.

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